The night shift

In one weeks time the apartment in hammarby sjöstad will no longer be Mathias. The tenant moved out this weekend and the cleaning crew will arrive on Wednesday. Tonight we went over there to check it out and to bring some stuff home.

Of course we had to do this late at night, since this is the time of day when mathias is most active. So we arrived in the dark only to realize that he did not have the key. Luckily his parents had a spare key so we drove to their place and got it (45 min passed) and then the work began.

Now we are on our way home. We have three things to bring up to our attic and some stuff to throw away.
Mathias will go back there tomorrow with his dad and together they will get rid of the couch and his dad wants to take home a mattress. Then it's empty! The place where I got to know my love, the place where I almost cut of my finger... Ah, memories :)


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