I'm a penny girl!

As a reward to myself for beeing brave and doing a good job this week I've decided to become a member of penny girl, a horse club for kids ^^ I got some advertising stuff sent home by them and I'm falling for it!

For 9 SEK (+39 SEK for postage fees) I'll get...
- 1 mp3 player, perfect to bring to the stables an leave my expensive iPod at home.
- 1 book about different breeds of pints and horses.
- I charm bracelet.
- 1 horse pc game.
- 1 novel.
- 1 magazine for members, with a special box to collect these magazines in.
- 1 big poster.
- 1 sheet of horse tattoos :)
- 1 case for pens and stuff.

I feel excited like a kid!!


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