Talking in the rain

Im outside, taking a walk while both enjoying the rain and doing some serious thinking.

The fact that my financial situation will soon enable me to buy a horse means that it is time for me to really ransack myself about it.

Do I want it enough?
I, alongside all those who've had had their own horse, knows that it is beyond demanding. It's in no way comparable to help with another's horse or even sharing a horse with a friend. The amount if work, passion, money, sacrifices and hard times can't be imagined without having been there yourself.

So, after waking up really early, spending 9 hours at work, do I want to:

1. Go home, spend time with Mathias, have dinner, sitting in front of the TV, the computer, relaxing, most often be bored out of my mind, but at least rested. Where the end of the day will be spent in... Nothingness. But nothingness that's alongside Mathias.
2. Go to the stables, have some dinner on the way either in the car or on the bus which ever I have to take. Going to see another one of those who I love. No matter how tired or sick or anything else I might be, every single day I have to go away after work. But I'm going to a place that's meaningful. Where my existence is needed and where I just feel good. Where I can feel that I spent my time doing something. I didn't just spend my life on the couch watching TV and wishing for change. The stable has also got some kind of therapeutic impact on me.

Also having your own horse means you get to do things your own way on your own terms, fulfilling your own goals. There is no need to excel every day like you feel you have to do it front of your trainer. Sometimes you can just not give a crap, ride out and have fun with your horse. In what ever weather.

Another thing to consider is the fact that I have had a really hard time in my old stables. No good trainers around, no hot water whatsoever, no heated tack room, nowhere to dry the blankets, no washing machine, no real toilet, freezing cold, and worse; a hell of a commute...two hours one way....
And that's just NOT how it will be done this time. I will be very careful when picking a stable that meets my needs for both me and my horse to feel good smoothly.

Do I have the money?
But I won't be able to travel round the world every year which I would be able to afford if I didn't pay for a horse...

Do I have the knowledge?
Nobody knows everything, but I definitely know enough to keep my own horse. And most importantly in this matter; I always want to learn more and I'm working actively on doing so.
There will also be other people in the same stables, and if I need help with something serious, my mom has got about 55 years of experience, 45 of having her own horses.

Have I got the time?
I think so. I'm not the only one both working and having a horse. I am like I've said very much aware of how much time it takes. But the only way to be sure about this is to just do it and see.


  1. Tiden kommer nog vara den svåraste faktorn att beräkna så här innan. Men du vet att jag finns här och ställer upp när du behöver min hjälp, mer än gärna. Nu när jag knappt jobbar så är det ju inga problem för mig att ställa upp både en och flera vardagar.
    Det jag också tänker på är att det kan bli mycket med nytt jobb och häst samtidigt. Men du kommer ju inte köpa hästen idag, utan en månad efter jobbet börjat. Jag tror att det blir lättare då att se och känna om man har tiden som krävs.
    Jag hade ju gärna köpt häst, för jag har verkligen tiden just nu. Men pengar saknar jag och känner att jag inte heller har all den kunskapen som behövs. Det hade verkligen varit kul om vi kunde skaffat häst tillsammans, så att man kunde vara tillsammans i stallet och rida tillsammans osv osv.

    kram kram :)


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