The best birthday morning EVER

This morning has been amazing.

Mathias woke me up really eraly, befor he went to work. (well, i woke up before he woke me, and lay in bed listening to him preparing.) He came in with a horse cake he made himself (marshmallows, raspberrries, daim, cream, vanligga cream, chocolate layers.... yum yum yum!

Then I opened my presents. First, I got a the cutest binder in the world. I wounder what I will put in it? Then I opened an empty photo album with a princess and a prince on it, which we are supposed to fill with memories and love.

And then... I opened the final gift. The big one. It was a card, telling me that in November we will go on a weekend trip to Vienna and visit the spanish riding school! OMG! I just screamed with happiness and was totally lost for words. Thank you so much my love, I don't know how to thank you.


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