Today's lesson

Today we got to do some jumping! It was great, I got to ride Ravell again. He was so into it and it was sooo fun!

Also, I got to experience some rodeo as Ravell did some bucking and kicking at another horse. Luckily I do not have a problem staying in the saddle so I didn't really care, nor was I scared, I'm used to these things since Karro, bless her <3

We jumped a bar and a oxer, only 60-70 cm.
Aaaand... we did one of the jumping exercises I posted here before! It was fun and a great exercise.

But I do miss my old group, and in particular having Denise and Mimmie as trainers. It really isn't the same with Johanna and Petra.

Oh, and get this! The one who were to ride Ravell after me were non other than Ulrika, a woman who work at Spoon Publishing, where I had my last job ^^


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