Yesterday's birthday was seriously the best birthday I've ever had. I can't believe I have such wonderful persons in my life.

Marre came and spent the afternoon with me, and o..m...g.... Honey you are the sweetest and best friend a girl can have, and I'm so thankful for having you in my life <3 br="br"> She brought me these amazing gift; a night at the opera, two beautiful training diaries for me and the horse, a big jar of her home made cream cheese completed by crackers, and home made raspberry-chocolate pralines!!

Then I had to take a nap while marre went home to feed the cats (well, I'm not 18 any more) since I've spent the whole day totally wired up like a four year old.

The day was concluded at the very old and nice restaurant Prinsen. It was me, mathias, marre, mom and her best friend Cia.
The food was great, I was soooo happy and it was the perfect ending to a perfect birthday.

I fell asleep like an unconscious person as soon as we got back home.


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