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You give me fever

I've been "locked up" at home for three days now. I have a fever, headache, muscle pain, veeery runny nose, sore throat... Yes; the flu.

I havn't been able to go to work, nor to even go outside... let alone leave the couch to sit on a chair for more than a few hours.

I feels horrible beeing this sick when you've only worked for a few weeks... My mind goes crazy, thinking that I might get fired. I mean, I did run to the toilet in the middle of a meeting once, and one day a rested my head on the table at lunch, and now I'm sick... I'm scared.

Case solved!

I've just finished the latest nancy drew game (number 27... wow!) The Deadly Device.
It was okay, not one of my favorites.

But mostly, Im dissapionted... I set out to finish this game without using any kind of hint/help/etc, as part of my 30-before-30-list.... And I was soooo fucking close! There was only ONE THING where I got so stuck for so long that I had to use the in-game-hint system to move forward... ONE THING! And.. concidering that I have a fever I am pretty impressed by myself anyway.
Well, next game will have to be the one where I make it.

And speaking of the next game... W.O.W. I've waited since Captive Curse for a game like that. I need it now. Now I tell you!


I'm very upset right now. One of my two absolute favorite horses from Hufvudsta is gone. My loved Ebba.

I don't know what happened, if she is sold or dead or what. And I'm too sick to even thing about going down to the stable to find out.


Riding with Mathias


Today truly was an amazing day. I can't even describe the joy of riding through the woods and the fields together with Mathias. He did so well, first time ever in a saddle. And he loved it <3


Working at home today.... I'm sick.


Oh dear

On Thursday night Mathias went to bed feeling ill. He woke up in Friday with a fever. He went riding today despite his illness.

And now I'm sick. My throat is... Dead. Coughing. Lungs hurt.

Fuck. I can't miss work tomorrow.....

On the way

To ride with Mathias and his mom :D


Friday night was a great evening! Met marre after work and we went to my favorite Asian restaurant where I used to be a regular a few years ago, and had sushi. Sushi is one of my absolute favorite foods and it was such a long time since the last time I had it. I love having money again, even though I will have to wait until the end of November until I get my own. ^^

After the sushi we headed to the royal opera (after having some trouble finding our way due to renovations... It was an adventure) to see the premiere of the show Törnrosa. 
It was absolutely amazing, and I was enjoying every second of it! The music was beautiful, the ballet dancers were awesome, the opera was stunning.....
Between the acts we had some wine and some candy (Ahlgrens bilar). It felt so luxurious.  We made a pact to go and see some kind of show once a month.
Thank you so much Marre, you are the best!! <3

The good life


Budget update

Utgifter 23.300Fasta månadskostnaderKronorÖvriga månadsposterHyra2200/2=1100Spara häst10 000El600/2=300Kläder1500Mobil350Produkter1000Internet350/2175spara övrigt1000Mat4000/2=2000sl-kort800Hemförsäkring100övrigt + nöje400Bil??CSN återbetalning1000Olycksfallsförsäkring??Totalt71505000Totalt:14 700
Inkomster 23.400Lön19700Mathias3700Övrigt

Big news

There are two new horses at Hufvudsta! Wictor and Beamer.

I want to go there NOW, but I'll have to wait until tomorrow :)

Sushi and opera

Tonight :)


This will be in Swedish...

Sitter på bussen och hör två FJORTISAR prata...

F1: men asså vadå ett körkort kostar inte nåra hundra!?
F2: nej asså min pappa han sa att en körlektion kostar nåra hundra!
F1: men shit då kanske körkortet kostar typ 5000!
F2: Jaa men de e ju bara om du e typ.. Efterbliven... Och måste köra fem lektioner. Asså de e ju bara att läsa tills du kan det sen bara köra en gång så klarat du det ju.
F1: ahaaa!

F1: men vadå... Jag fattar inte...
F2: det finns 349 platser i riksdagen.
F1: vadå platser?
F2: ja asså stolar... I den där salen...
F1: men jaha vem sitter där då?
F2: asså vem som helst du kan sitta där
F1: men aha... Vad gör jag här då?


It's fucking snowing!!!!!!

Take a shot

No from stall compass does not necessarily mean no from the stable next door... A website says that there are different owners....

Email sent.

Money money money, ain't it funny

Cellphone: paid
Food: 4000 in account
Electricity: no bills this month
Broadband: paid
Access card: paid
Credit card fee: paid
Bank fee: paid
Penny girl package: paid

And the list goes on....

And we do have 10.000 left which we will spend on clothes, hygiene products, fun stuff....! :D

We will buy the trip to Austria and the Spanish riding school in 4 weeks when we get paid again, since we want to be able to have it all and make it a luxurious trip without having to think about the money.

God I am so relieved!

Marre: you'll get your money back tomorrow :D

Another No

After a week without answers from the perfect stable, I emailed the other owner and got an answer just a few hours later; No, they do not accept private horses since they are only a riding school now.


Yummy yummy

Today has truly been a yummy day!
This morning, after our part at the conference was over, we got to go down to the dining room and to a sandwich buffè with fruits and eat.

Then we went back to the office, and my min picked me up and took me to lunch at a restaurant. And, she gave me 1 kilo of French nougat.

Back at the office once again, me and Alice ate the soft cookie which we ha gotten at the hotel. This cookie was made by Jamie Oliver.

Then, I had my afternoon snack, the best yoghurt in the world, bärry blueberry.

On my way home now, where I will have some chocolate before going to my driving lesson. And then I will have dinner when I am finished.



In just a few days, this years Christmas celebration was discussed, decided and booked.

Me, Mathias an mom are going to Austria! We'll be gone between the 23d and 27th of December.

What do you know, a week ago I thought I would be spending Christmas at home and at our country home.

(And the weirdest part is that me and Mathias are going to Austria in November. I've never been there, and suddenly, I will go there almost two times in a month...!)

The final countdown


It's a very special day.

Today is the last day we will be poor. Tonight, at midnight, Mathias will get his first paycheck, straight into the bank account.

Thank god.


Nope :)

But I am on my way towards the Scandic hotel at Slussen!

All of Kwintets KAM's has spent the whole day yesterday over there, and will do the same today. Me, Tomas and Alice will only be there for 1,5 hours in the morning.

In my luggage there is.... Two iPads, one think pad, three presentation papers, thousands of cables for ever possible need.

Later today I will have lunch with my mom, and this evening it's time for my fifth driving lesson, the third this week.

Hm. In a way I guess you can say that I'm traveling. The whole day. :)

Enjoy the road

It was so fun driving yesterday! I have never felt so relaxed, sure, and enjoyed driving like that.
I really think that it was a good choice, taking a break from driving until all the stress regarding getting a job an getting into the groove was over. It has been almost a month since my last lesson!

I'll be driving today as well. And today I will drive the 5th gear for the first tinne!

Had an argument with my mom afterwards, she is sooo terrible annoying and think she knows best and nobody else knows anything. I was so mad. But as Mathias said; there is no way in hell she would pass a driving test of today's standard.

Also, I think the stress is off a bit because everything is falling into place. I have a job, I have my green card, we have two incomes, I'm looking for a stable.... It's like I've sorted it all out, it's just my drivers license and getting that horse left, then my life will be sort of... Complete :)

And I'm darn proud of myself for getting h…

17 months

Today it's 17 months since the day Mathias and I decided that it was the two if us, forever.

A night at the opera

This Friday it's finally time to go see Törnrosa at the opera, with my dearest Marre. I'm really looking forward to it!!

Today.... Yes...

...Today might be the day when I fall asleep at the wheels...

Terrible day

Oh dear, this night and morning has been catastrophic. I couldn't sleep. Mathias had a terrible morning mood and we had a fight, leaving me crying when he left for work. I feel like shit; headache, sleep deprived, very sad... I just want to stay at home crying and sleeping.

And I have a drivers lesson at seven tonight... Fuck. Maybe I'll take a nap during lunch?


Today is a joyful day for all those who travel by the green and blue subway lines.

The blue line is once again opened. This means that I will be able to take the train straight into the city central in just 7 minutes!

It has been 4 months, 1/3 of a year, since last time. God I hope this is the last year they have to do this.

Yesterday's riding lesson

I got to ride my beloved Ravell again! It went well but I find myself longing after getting to do what I want to and to decide everything myself more and more.

I don't want to ride in a group with 10 others. There's just no way to learn even 10% of what you would've learnt in a private lesson and I find this so frustrating!!


This weeken I've read a book named Fish! It is a book which has been handed out to all employees at Kwintet all over Europe to help us cope with the huge changes which has been going on.

It essentially talkes about things I already know, but it's really great to get reminders about it. And for all those who do not think about it or know about it needs to read the book and get of their asses and start doing it!

Just three more days

We just have to survive Monday, Thursday and Wednesday. And when we wake up on Thursday, we will have 21.000 SEK to help us get a normal, pretty rich, life.

It's already planned. On Thursday morning we will transfer 4000 to our ICA account. I will get some money that Mathias owes me, don't know how much yet. Money will be put away to pay all our bills (which will be paid Thursday night). Then we will go to work. And after work, we will meet up in the city to go on a crazy shopping spree, and after that we will have dinner at a restaurant.

On Friday, we will borrow the car and go to ICA and buy as much food as the car can carry.

And on Sunday, we will go horse back riding.

Working eight to five, what a way to make a living

I've been working for almost three weeks. And I like it. A lot.

And every day when I'm leaving the office, I'm asking myself, "do I want to go to the stables now? Do I have enough energy to go riding?"
And every day, the answer is yes.

First business trip

It's booked! Between the 10-12 December I will be in Malmö together with a lot of other IT-people from our offices all over Europe, to get an ITIL-certification.

This will not only be fun, but a great thing to put on my CV. Lots of employers throws themselves at people with documented ITIL-knowledge.

(And I LOVE staying at hotels and eating hotel breakfast..... :D)


Talked to my driving instructor yesterday and booked three lessons for next week.

It's been a good idea to take a break during these first two weeks at work, I've been dead tired and taking lessons would have done me no good.

Get a clue as Nancy Drew

The Deadly Devise is out! Well, it is to whose who pre-ordered. Others have to wait until next week ^^ (THANK YOU Marre)

Started it yesterday but I was so tired that I only managed to play for an hour, and I didn't get anywhere.

More importantly, this will be the game that I will play without ANY KIND of outside help, in-game hints and so on, as one of the things on my 30 before 30 list.

I hope it's scary :D

It's official!

I've got my green card :)


I have found my dream stable.
Seriously; DREAM.

I was so nervous about contacting them that I waited till Marre was here yesterday to send an email.

And so we wait.

Modern living

The 1st of October out laundry rooms, used by approximately 110 apartments, were shut down in order to change some pipes. Panic arose, everyone ran down to the basement to book some machines till the 15th when work would be finished. I managed to get 4 hours on Friday night. By then we will have gone 22 days without doing any washing. I don't know it the 4 hours will be sufficient...

We decides long ago that we will have a washing machine in our next apartment. No more shared, facility owned laundry rooms.


I seriously can't believe that it's Thursday, wasn't it Monday yesterday?
To feel like this is, to me, a sign that I enjoy my days :)

Yesterday I had been working for two weeks. Crazy :)


I'm sitting on the floor outside the office. No one is here yet, and I haven't gotten my code nor card to the alarm system yet. So I'm sitting here, waiting.

Thank god I brought my Nintendo DS.


Wow, my sweet Marre is just amazing.
She came over last night and brought home made cream cheese, chocolates, her epilator and the new nancy drew game.
Thank you soooo much honey, you are the best!!!!!!!!!!!!

I will repay you soon!

One of the worlds greatest songs.

When you were standing in the wake of devastation 
When you were waiting on the edge of the unknown 
With the cataclysm raining down
Your insides crying, "Save me now" 
You were there, impossibly alone. 

Do you feel cold and lost in desperation? 
You build up hope, but failures all you've known. 
Remember all the sadness and frustration
And let it go. 
Let it go.

And in a burst of light that blinded every angel 
As if the sky had blown the heavens into stars
You felt the gravity of tempered grace
Falling into empty space 
With no one there to catch you in their arms.

Do you feel cold and lost in desperation? 
You build up hope, but failures all you've known. 
Remember all the sadness and frustration
And let it go. 
Let it go.

Do you feel cold and lost in desperation? 
You build up hope, but failures all you've known. 
Remember all the sadness and frustration
And let it go. 
Let it go.

Let it go.
Let it go.
Let it go.
Let it go.

Do you feel cold and lost in desperation? 
You build up hope, but…


My old friend from high school, who was also in the same theatre group as me, was one of the contenders in "vem vet mest?", a Swedish quiz show.

And she looked... OLD.

And I've aged the same amount as she as.... Fuck.


Today we are going to spend the afternoon at one of our biggest clients, which also happen to be rude and mean enough to beat the rest together.

I will get to meet the infamous 'Ninja Turtle'. I must confess that I am nervous.

Taking a shot

Just emailed a girl about a place in a stable. Great(!) location. Probably no chance in hell of getting it, it's been out for 2 weeks and almost a 1000 persons have looked at the ad.

Well, if you don't play.... :)

Cure for the bad mood I'm in



Two things from the penny girl package! The game and the book. I really enjoyed the book, an I realized that this was because of the three year in a row I've spent reading scientific reports, thick analytical books, doctors degrees.... And so on. This book was just plain and simple, easy to read and swallow. Maybe these books from the penny girl club will rekindle my love for books and reading? Because it is more than dead now.

The game was playable, but nothing more extremely repetitive, terrible user interface, nothing to do, small world.... I'm wondering if they did and game testing at all. This game was episode one out of four.

A lonely wanderer

I'm at Lindhagen, doing some 600 SEK grocery shopping.

Luckily I realized that I'm out if medicine this morning, and there is a pharmacy inside Lindhagen.

Only 12 days left, then we'll have money... *drool*

Watch and learn

I stayed and watched the group after me ride.

A wedding on my birthday

That's what I call a celebration ^^

Dream come true

On Sunday the 28th Mathias' mom is taking us both riding on Icelandic horses. It will be great! I've only done it once before, many years ago.

But the best thing is... I'll get to ride together with my beloved mathias. We've both dreamt about it for a long time.

Today's riding lesson

I got to try Lavina for the first time (I think...)

I fell in love with her the first second I saw her in the stable. It was a seriously magical time we spent together getting ready for the lesson, grooming, cuddling... She is just the sweetest most amazing horse!

She was a challenge to ride, but it went well! I was extremely pleased when Petra came up to me to give me feedback and said that I had done it soooo well! Lavina is normally like a plank who isn't able to turn, and I ha her very nicely rounded the whole lesson. So Petra was very happy, which made me SO HAPPY!

God I need my horse now...! Maybe I'll spend some time today looking at stables.

The 25th

I will get some money since Mathias owe me a few thousand.

I am I quite desperate need of:

- A new sports bra. (my old one was stolen by some fucker down by the washing machines)

- New riding socks. (Both got holes by the big toe.)

- A visit at the hairdresser. (Haven't been since May...!!!!!!)


I will change my tax table for the rest of 2012.

Since I haven't worked this year until now I will pay very little taxes. So far, I've made 3000 SEK. I will make 50.000 from my two months at kwintet, making me having to pay a maximum of 10% taxes this year. (Mathias looked it all up yesterday, he's done this every year since he was 16). So these first salaries will be nice and big, bringing my horse closer :D

The plan

Ok. This is how we'll make it until the 25th. We have no food and no money and I have been going to and from work by SMS-tickets.

Tomorrow Mathias will help an old man to put his sailing boat back on land. He will get 800 for that.
200 of these will go towards bus tickets for me, which will last me four days, that is, until Thursday next week.
The rest of the money (600) will go to foooood!

On Friday I will take Mathias monthly travel card and use this until Thursday the 25th. Mathias will travel by SMS ticket those days.

Yey, everything is possible!


I'm so happy!

I think my boss Tomas really likes me and the work I'm doing. I'm getting new tasks and responsibilities every day. Today I was allowed on to the live version of KWS to do translations and handle the update of the help function, which I have rewritten these past two days.

And I must say, I never dreamt of having a boss as good as Tomas, he is just perfect!

Like scooter said;


All of you...

Who walk in crowds while smoking like fucking chimneys...

God I hope you all die


Me and Gustav were supposed to do this. But we broke up before we got around to it.
Mathias will never do this out of free will, but I think I can persuade him.

Marre; you game? :D


A few positions every day...

The polar winds are sweeping the country

It started yesterday, with me freezing more than usual as a result.

So today I'm not taking any chances. I've put on my warmest winter jacket. I know you are supposed to "freeze during fall and sweat during spring" but when in this sick, that just ain't gonna happen dude.

Accept the pain? No more.

So, my neck and shoulders are worse than ever. The first thing I feel when I wake up in the mornings is a headache springing from my shoulders.

Marie at the office is a goddess when it comes to massage, so yesterday she gave me a massage with tiger balm. It helped, but it's still a long way to go.
She agrees with a previous statement, saying that my shoulders feel like a big pork filet made out of stone.

As I experience pain every waking hour it's time for me to visit a chiropractor. Like, NOW.

"The same procedure as last year, Madame?"

I'm sick :( coughing, nose is runny, node blood, throat is irritated, headache, tired....

I'll be back to normal in May.

"The same procedure as every year, James."



One week mark

In 20 minutes, it will be a week ago since I first entered kwintet as an employe. Time has gone fast!

Only 45 days until I get paid. Mathias will get his in 15 days. That's about 5 weeks and 2 weeks.

Hopefully time will continue to go fast ^^

I AM a penny girl!!!!

I don't know where to start!!!!!!!!!!

If longing could kill

At 3 pm I felt like I needed a break from work. So I sat down for 10 minutes and looked at horses for sale..... BIG mistake!! There were some great horses out there which would have suited me so well..... And I can't go and meet them. Because I won't get paid until the end of November.

Fucking fuck fuck


I really like my job. I am so truly happy that I said no to Microsoft and accepted this instead. I love my job!!


Hah, the world is funny. Standing here, waiting for my bus... Suddenly someone walks by, quite close, then stops beside me and stare. I look up, and it's Fredrik! A friend from school. He's working a few hundred meters from me!

We'll have lunch soon :)


I've started to read through TR 1,2 and 3 from start to finish. It's great to be able to connect what's in there to both the green card course and to all the stuff I learnt while working this weekend.
God I want to start competing. NOW!


We applied for a small credit at ICA, in order to be able to buy food until the 25th when Mathias will get paid. And we just got a letter saying no.

I don't know why. We are both working at well-paid jobs, have never failed to pay anything, no remarks, no history of applying for credit....

What the holy fucking hell can we do now?! 17 days until pay and we have a total of... 34 SEK combined.

I'm panicking. I'm seriously shaking, breathing weird and my heart is beating.

Aunt Irma will soon visit

And I'm struggling. Big times. I don't like my aunt Irma very much ^^ (if you don't get the joke, watch some IT crowd)
So now I'm the regular Linneosaurus, with horrible mood swings, tender breasts, no social wishes what so ever, and so on....

Poor, poor, sweet Mathias.

A new week

I like Mondays. I've never gotten the hole "oh no dear god it's Monday I will die"-thing. I thing that kind of attitude brings a lot a negative feelings both to yourself and your surroundings. So yeah, if you think Monday will be a bad day, guess what; you'll make it one and it will be all your fault.

It's been a good day, though I was really tired this morning and a while during the afternoon. Times did go really fast and I've leant a lot!

Some people dislikes Mondays because it' the start of a new week at work. Seriously... If your not happy with your current situation; change it. Don't give anyone some crap about bit being able to, that's a useless lie.

Enjoy Mondays as much as any other day :)

Autumn street

I'm so happy these months, the air is crisp, lots of beautiful colors, leafs falling, lots of rain, the gray and orange-ish color in the air...

Autumn is, and has always been, the best season!

A new week

I like Mondays. I've never gotten the hole "oh no dear god it's Monday I will die"-thing. I thing that kind of attitude brings a lot a negative feelings both to yourself and your surroundings. So yeah, if you think Monday will be a bad day, guess what; you'll make it one and it will be all your fault.

It's been a good day, though I was really tired this morning and a while during the afternoon. Times did go really fast and I've leant a lot!

Some people dislikes Mondays because it' the start of a new week at work. Seriously... If your not happy with your current situation; change it. Don't give anyone some crap about bit being able to, that's a useless lie.

Enjoy Mondays as much as any other day :)

Setback confirmed

I sent Sofie an email asking about when our salary will be payed, and it is as we feared; I will get payed for October in the end of November.


My horse dream was just sent another month into the future........


Great day!! Long day ^^

Good dead of the day

Found an iPhone on the sidewalk on my way down to the stables.
Wanted to check the number it belonged to and trace the owner, but it was locked. Luckily; there was a missed call belonging to a man. So I googled the name and looked for someone living in solna. Found one and sent him a text. A few hours later, I had found the owner who came by the stables and picked up her phone.

I'm good :)


I don't know for how long I'll be "on duty" at the stables, but I know there are 166 competitors....

How I'll spend my evening

On my way with my trusty steed to do some grocery shopping together with Marre and Mathias.

Caught up

I've spent the whole day watching my series which all started their new seasons this week.

It's all very exiting, and I will have to watch everything on the weekend until I've gotten used to working all week so that I'm able to stay awake past 9 pm ^^

Next knitting project

I was so great to start knitting again (well, finishing a year old project really) and now I'm super excited about starting a new project!

I'm thinking about:
- a woollen cap (which would require à round knitting pin again...)
- a quilted blanket
- a crocheted something

Finished project!

Today I finished my moms scarf which I will give her as a present :)

I am sooo glad to have finished it, and it will be a veeery long time before I knit a scarf on a circular knitting pin.... My god.

This feels so great!!!

And again...

I think last nights update made it a lot easier to score "perfect"...