Enjoy the road

It was so fun driving yesterday! I have never felt so relaxed, sure, and enjoyed driving like that.
I really think that it was a good choice, taking a break from driving until all the stress regarding getting a job an getting into the groove was over. It has been almost a month since my last lesson!

I'll be driving today as well. And today I will drive the 5th gear for the first tinne!

Had an argument with my mom afterwards, she is sooo terrible annoying and think she knows best and nobody else knows anything. I was so mad. But as Mathias said; there is no way in hell she would pass a driving test of today's standard.

Also, I think the stress is off a bit because everything is falling into place. I have a job, I have my green card, we have two incomes, I'm looking for a stable.... It's like I've sorted it all out, it's just my drivers license and getting that horse left, then my life will be sort of... Complete :)

And I'm darn proud of myself for getting here. I'm not one to sit on my ass, never have been.


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