Friday night was a great evening! Met marre after work and we went to my favorite Asian restaurant where I used to be a regular a few years ago, and had sushi. Sushi is one of my absolute favorite foods and it was such a long time since the last time I had it. I love having money again, even though I will have to wait until the end of November until I get my own. ^^

After the sushi we headed to the royal opera (after having some trouble finding our way due to renovations... It was an adventure) to see the premiere of the show Törnrosa. 

It was absolutely amazing, and I was enjoying every second of it! The music was beautiful, the ballet dancers were awesome, the opera was stunning.....

Between the acts we had some wine and some candy (Ahlgrens bilar). It felt so luxurious. 
We made a pact to go and see some kind of show once a month.

Thank you so much Marre, you are the best!! <3


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