This is so weird!
Luckily I made it in time (10 min to spare) and when I arrived at the office, an employee named Niklas opened the door for me. He said hi, showed me to my room, and said something about a guy bringing up computers from Malmö. So get comfortable. And then he left me and said coffee was in the pot in the kitchen.

So I took the desk next to the window, put down my stuff, looked around the room and then went to the kitchen and made some tea with honey, and looked around some more.

Then a girl came in, said welcome, and was sorry that she couldn't have coffee with me. She and Niklas were on their way to a meeting with a client. (They were the only ones here)

Then Niklas came in again after 10 minutes and said something about Thomas beeing here in 20 minutes and something about a video conference I was to participate in during the day.
Then the two of them Sao goodbye and now I'm alone at the office waiting for Thomas ^^

I don't know where the other new girl is, she is most definitely not here anyway. Maybe she's not starting today?

Oh well, since she wasn't here, I got the desk by the window.... ;)


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