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The best riding I’ve ever done…

…Was made yesterday.

I took a private lesson for Mimmie, on the best horse in the world; Lutnia.

It was…amazing. I’ve never experienced riding like that. It just goes to show how much I’ve learnt this past semester. Mimmie was ecstatic and so proud and happy, and so was I. I am so happy about all the progress I’ve made, for fulfilling my goals for the semester, for really sweating.

Dear god I want to buy my horse NOW, think of the progress I’ll make when I’ll ride everyday and training for an instructor twice a week…!

All done

I’ve just finished my opponent duty. And I did it quite well I might add.
I actually made it.
Now, if all goes well, I’ll be able to get my diploma to frame and put up on the wall. That will be awesome.

Horse agility

9th of December I will be attending the first horse agility demonstration in Stockholm. It will be awesome!

Like sand through my fingers

2 days after I’ve gotten my first payechek, I’m almost broke again. There was just too many holes to fill which have been neglected before. The good news is, I managed to fill them all so in 4 weeks when the next pay comes, I’m all set. Then I will be able to stay on budget when it comes to saving towards a new horse. This month I only managed 40% of the goal.

The opponent

Last Thursday, I got a disturbing task; I had until tomorrow, Monday, to write my opposition report on a bachelor thesis… Which would have been sufficient time if I hadn’t had the busiest weekend ever.

Me and my thesis partner Alex were two of veeeery few people who finished in time. Why? Because it is a shit load of work and people are lazy and pathetic. Anyway. All of those who did not finish booked up all oppositions instead, making it impossible for me and Alex to find a thesis to oppose. And so, we had to wait until this semester, when hopefully, some of the about 400 essays would be finished.

Well, 3 of them have finished. In November. Hence, I managed to get one opposition spot (there are two on each essay) just minutes after one was uploaded. (it’s absolutely war, give it 2 minutes and it’s taken) buuuut I only had 3 days to do it and a really busy schedule.

But, here I am, Sunday morning. 70% through. I will make it.

What makes me so angry I just spit though, is the quality …

@ Svartensgatan 7

Finally, this Friday I got to go to my hairdresser. I got bangs again, still haven’t gotten completely used to it, but every day I like it more and more

@ the studio



Yesterdays lesson I got to ride a new horse; Daiquiri. She is one of the newer horses at the stables and absolutely stunning and amazing.
So sensitive, smooth and sweet.
A new top-3 favorite!

wow. I guess that's it.

Fuck you very much, Google. 

I can no longer upload pictures to my blog. Why? because I've used the tiny fucking amount allowed of 1 gb. 

Well. You sure as hell arent gonna make me pay lots of money every month in order to get more storage. 

stay tuned for new addres.

Horse Life 2.0

Well well well… Giving up Google and their cheap-as-fuck picture storage was all too easy. Let’s see how long lasting this place will be  This blog will be my direct continuation on


Ok, so in 7 hours time I'll be at the hairdresser. And I'm totally unsure about whether to get some kind of bangs or not.

Tick tock...

Lifestyle of the rich and famous

I have gotten my first paycheck. Thank gooood! It feels so amazing and comforting.

All bills and everything is payed off, and I still have sooo much money left!

I will celebrate with Alice today at lunch, and then the hairdresser, and then with Marre being models at the studio.

18 months

Today me and Mathias have been a couple for 1,5 years.

I don't know how time went by so fast, I just know that this has been the happiest 18 months in my life.

It was worth going through hell and back with the wrong partners in order to find you, the man I will spend my life with. This feeling of completeness, where everything is just right... There is no doubt whatsoever that you are my ultimate match. I didn't know this feeling before you.

Waiting for the bus

Small child: how many minutes left?
Dad: five.
Small child: aaaw, then they'll be here in ten.... :(

Time flies

Tomorrow I have worked at Kwintet for 7 weeks.

Road kill

It didn't go quite so well driving today. I'm way to exhausted from work, my brain doesn't work.

Sometimes it went very well, and sometimes it was embarrassingly bad.

Countdown: 2,5 days

I'll get 20.900 SEK on Friday. My first paycheck.

If I hadn't been ill I'd have gotten 23.500... Fuck.

Great weekend ahead!

This weekend will be awesome.

Friday: payday!! 1,5 year anniversary with Mathias!! Being a model at the studio with Marre!! Going to the hairdresser!!

Saturday: riding!! Sleepover with Marre!! Booking the trip to Austria!!

Sunday: private riding lesson!! Shopping and dining with Marre and Anna!!


I've signed up for the first of the two mandatory courses for my license. I will sit in a room filled with idiots for three hours talking about why I shouldn't drink a bottle of wine or take 1 kg of heroine before driving, or drive upside down in order to impress my friends.

Wow... I'm sure I will learn a lot.

Two elephants of my shoulders

Today, after three veeery intense, hard working days, I've finished group IT's commercial video which will be shown during this big international conference in Germany tomorrow.

Best of all (besides getting to edit video for three days) was that two very important people in the company now very much knows how I am.

Early Christmas

Yey, got two packages yesterday, the result of my shopping spree. I could hardly think about anything else until I had collected them and opened them! :D

Spent the evening watching Ponnyakuten. Fucking hell that's a good show that all people who handles horses should watch. Tobbe Larsson is amazing.

Payback time

On Sunday I'm taking Marre and Anna out to eat at a restaurant. They have both been so generous and helpful during my extremely poor last six months.

True Friends <3


Just got my specification for the first months pay... And yes, of course it is not right.
I'm so fucking mad that I'm shaking. What the fuck?!

So I will have to contact them and sort this out.

Driving status

Yesterday's driving lesson went extremely well!
Alan also said that if I continue driving three times a week it will definitely be possible for me to get my license before Christmas...! But we don't want to put too much pressure on me so I think we'll aim towards January. Either way, that's not too far away :D

On my way to drive today again, fingers crossed it will go half as well as yesterday :)

new couch?

We have been looking for a new couch for a while now, and this one is the most likely candidate at the moment.

It's the same length as the one we have now; 3,3 meters. The fabric is quite a bit darker in real life, and it will fit perfectly in the living room.

Hopefully we'll be able to buy it after this months pay, otherwise we'll wait one more month.

Oh noes

I didn't win the tickets to Stockholm horse show :(

Counting down some more

In five and a half day I'll get my first pay check.

I can't think of anything else.

Great day!

Wow what an Awesome day with Marre and Anna!

All of Mathias' and moms Christmas presents are wrapped, I've made Christmas tree decorations and Anna have me a bunch if home made candy.

Awesome day with two of the best people in the world . <3 data-blogger-escaped-br="br">

At the stables: "YEY Lutnia! Na na na... What? WHAT? Aaaaaah!"

When I got to the stables and checked out the list of horses for today's lesson I was overjoyed; I got Lutnia, my baby!!!

So I took care of her, cuddled, took it easy, got ready...
And then, 8 minutes before the lesson is about to start, a girl comes up to me.
"Are you Linnéa?"
"Who will ride Lutnia?"
"Yes :)"
"Um... I just spok to Linda.. And she's wondering if we could switch horses, so that you ride Ravell instead, and I'll take Lutnia, and Kezo will skip the lesson."
"Ok...but... Why can't you take Ravell?"
"He threw me of last time so in too afraid"
"Ok, I'll take him. He's ready, right?"
" He's out in the paddock"

Fuck! I think I set some kind of record, with the help of another girl we made it in time for the lesson!

And it went well, but god I'm still stressed out!


I don't know whats going on with me! I've become a... serious shopaholic!!
Well, at least if I conpare it to the last 2 years....

I get a real kick out of spnding money, of ordering and buying..And collecting the packages... But after that, I don't really care about the stuff..

I think I'm just overjoyed about just being able to buy stuff.

The game

The game yesterday was amazing! It was so exciting, so grand, so impressive.

Im glad the we won, that we got to do the first goal at the new arena, that we regained our honom against england... But most of all; that I got to see those four amazing, and now historical, goals by Zlatan. It was just... Crazy.



10 days.




Just been to Mando for a check-up, and I've gained 1,5 kilo! I'm so happy!
Only 4 more to go in order to reach my ideal weight, but they'll settle for 2.

I'm proud of myself <3

Soccer girl

Wow, this will be awesome!

Wednesday night, me and Mathias are going to the new national arena to see the match between Sweden and England.

Mathias' dad got the tickets for us. It will be so much fun! I've only been to one game before and that was just Djurgården vs Hammarby.

Mathias likes soccer so I'm really happy for him too :)
The pain I go through while menstruating... I think this is how is feels like to give birth to an alien.



Keep on Rollin' Rollin' Rollin'

On my way to driving lesson number 8. Today, I'll think I'm going to drive on a 70 km/h road. I've never gone that fast!

I'm used to 50, both from driving my scooter for many years, and now from the car, but 70... That's like the speed of sound.

Elin + Marre = good day!

On my way to a lovely brunch with my amazing friend Elin.

And this afternoon I'll meet the worlds best Marre to do some grocery shopping, a task that is always so much fun with her <3

And when I come home, I will have a couple if hours of the show jumping World Cup to enjoy!

Yes this day is awesome.

By the way...

Rolf-Göran Bengtsson has been ranked as #1 in the world for ten months now... That's just crazy! :D

My dear Mimmie

Booked for a private lesson with Mimmie on Saturday the 24th of November. Finally...! I learn the same amount at one private lesson with her as I do on 1 term of group lessons.
She said she would try to get me Lutnia <3

This of course means that I will ride twice that Saturday. The normal lesson before lunch, then private in the afternoon. Best day ever!!

Safety first

Mathias made me promise long ago, that I would wear a body protector when jumping.

I have really bad experiences with body protectors. The one I had as a child was SO badly fitted, (I can't believe my mom let me have it!) that I never wore it, not even when jumping high obstacles out in the woods, alone.

Therefore I have been very reluctant to buy a new one until I'm sure I've found something that I will be happy with.

And today, at the stables, a girl from my group came and talked to me for a while. I noticed her protector, and asked her about it. It turned out that she had what I was looking for. Super high-tech of course.

I'm hoping that I can find one at the fair at Stockholm horse show, otherwise I'll order one online.


Was at Panduro with Anna and Marre and bought some stuff for our Christmas craft-day.


O.M.G it felt soooo good...

I've shopped at the Internet. For maaaaany thousands of SEK. And dammit it was awesome!!

Ordered the rest of the Christmas presents and a new skin care line for my self.

In Swedish I would say, att jag har spenderbyxorna på.


A mini sewing machine my boss gave me <3 data-blogger-escaped-br="br">

Jumping with Petter

Great lesson! I got to ride Svarte Petter. He is a very big, old, nice and crazy about jumping. Though he is over 20, he is still part of Hufvudstas Swedish championship team.

For some reason I couldn't get a jingle from a commercial out of my head. The candy Polly had a commercial with a song about two guys, one of them named Petter, and I was singing it in my head the whole time we were getting ready ^^

We got to jump a very small course with 4 obstacles and some obedience exercises on the way.

When the lesson was over Petra praiced me, saying that I had ridden very well :)


Today's riding lesson we'll be jumping!!
In some ways I want Lomnica again; she is a very small horse and her movements reminds me of Karro. I would be nice to remember what it felt like jumping with her. On the other hand, I want to get better at adjusting length of strides on a horse and therefor Lavina may not be the best choice.
I'll just have to wait and see :) in 30 minute I'll know.


Working full time = no time ;)

Penny package #2



Just two more weeks to go. Then I'll get my first paycheck, and this new reality/lifestyle I'm living will really be true.

I'm just now beginning to grasp that I'm actually living a complete different life now than I did just 6-7 weeks ago.
I have a new routine, working 8-17 everyday. Suddenly I enjoy spending time at home again.
I get to feel like my existence has a meaning, different to what it felt like when studying.
I earn good money and can live quite luxurious.
Me and Mathias have an even better relationship now that we don't spend 20 hours a day glued together.

I feel safe, my future is no longer unclear, scary, undecided.

Thank god I fought my way to this.

This christmas


Globe trotter

Ok.. so today is the 5th of November... the Holidays will begin at the 21st of December.
And before that me and Alice will go to Malmö, Borås, and Germany for work.
And me and Mathias will go to Austria.
And on the 23d me, Mathias and mom will go to Austria.

How the hell will this be possible?
It's like my boss said today; "We will just have to keep gasping for air a few more months before we get everything under control. "

2 presents Finished

Picked up and paid for one of Mathias' christmas presents this evening... ooooh I love gifts, getting them, giving them, talking about them, holding them... :D

Very soon another package will arrive, a gift for my mom.

And on the 12th I'll get to order all the rest of the gifts im getting from the internet, and start hitting the shops for the others.


GOD it felt good to be back at work today. I love my job!

Exciting Monday

So there I was. Alongside 6 others. At the buss stop. Waiting for the 152 who was already late.

And then it came. And then it left. Driving straight past us. Not even in our lane.

We started running. Waving. Fiercely. The driver didn't turn her head an inch. We waved even more, desperate to get to work. All passengers in the bus saw us an looked like typical Swedish people not knowing what to do.

Finally one went to the driver and said, I imagine something like, there are people who want to get on this bus...

The driver looked. Saw. Hardly reacted. Drove through 2 lanes an stopped on the curb. The door opened.

She didn't say a word. She didn't even look at me when I cheerfully said "good morning!"

I hate drivers like her.

The communists

Darn. Aunt Irma will come to visit in about a week. I feel it in my whole body.

I do not like my aunt Irma.

A very, VERY, well-informed consumer

I don't know how much of this is due to the fact that I've been locked up and sick for almost seven days and am therefore very bored... Or how much of this is just SO typically me ^^

I've made a list. A very very very long list... Of everything my horse will need, but that is not depending on the horses specific size. Then I've chosen 7 horse shops that I trust, and for each item I have found the cheapest product which corresponds to my needs and demand for quality, safety and style.

I will be the worlds most market aware customer at the Stockholm horse show fair. And because of this, I will be the one who makes true bargains!!


I don't know what's been up with me this last month, my memory is gone, my focus is... Weird... My problem solving is not what is normally is, nor is my social skill.
The only explanation I've got is that I still haven't gotten used to working and all the energy it takes.

And if all this wasn't enough, I just realized that I've missed the first two competitions of the show jumping World Cup. Thank god I get to see the third now. I have written in all the rest of the dates in my calendar.

All Hallows' eve

Started of in the stables <3

Then straight home to get cleaned up and dressed for success as we were going to the cemetery to light some candeles, befoe going to my old hood Täby to celebrate with Mathias' family. I thought it would only be us two, his parents and the hosts (uncle and wife) but when we arrived the place was packed.  It was a nice evening with amazing food (and omg there was so much food) and everyone was so nice and just typical of the Karlsson-family.

The cemetary was beautiful. For some reason I get quite sad everytime we go to the grave, which is our family grave with lots of people in it. I miss my grandma. It felt good lighting a candle but at the same time I feel guilty that I'm not there more often.


Yesterday I got to try a new horse, Lomnica. I fell in love with this small, sweet, cozy but energetic horse at once. 

She was very interesting to ride. Like Linda said, she is like a sparkler. Suddenly, very quickly, she goes crazy energetic for a while, and then, 20 seconds later, she is SO calm, sensitive and lovely to ride.  Linda commended me for my great calm when riding her, which is exacly what she needs, and said that I was riding her well. 
I am never afraid when riding horse that kicks, bucks, jumps or whatever. I am very happy about this and I think this is thanks to Karro who could do some rodeo moves once in a while. <3


Ebba is dead.

Ebba - hästen med dom långa bakbenen och det stora hjärtat. Ebba är en individ som antar alla utmaningar med en positiv attityd, absolut en av dom snällaste och bussigaste i stallet. Ebba har tävlat både hoppning och dressyr på lätt nivå och går fortfarande med på interna tävlingar. Saknaden är stor efter detta fina sto med det stora hjärtat. Tack Ebba!

time to cheer

The Schedule for the upcoming competions!
It's all put into my calender and I will try to make to as many of these as possible!

Ponnycup hoppning 
4 nov, hemma mot Farsta, kl 11. Obs, flyttas!
18 nov, borta mot Farsta, kl 15
25 nov, hemma mot Nynäshamn, kl 11
1 dec, borta mot Nynäshamn, kl 16
12 jan, borta mot Roo Gård, kl 14
20 jan, hemma mot Roo Gård, kl 11
Ponnycup dressyr
11 nov, borta mot Ågesta
18 nov, hemma mot Södertälje, kl 10
13 jan, borta mot Södertälje
20 jan, borta mot Mälarhöjden
27 jan, hemma mot Mälarhöjden, kl 10
10 feb, hemma mot Ågesta

Stockholmscup dressyr
18 nov, hemma mot Södertälje, kl 12
16 dec, borta mot Ågesta
13 jan, borta mot Södertälje
20 jan, borta mot Mälarhöjden
27 jan, hemma mot Mälarhöjden, kl 12
10 feb, hemma mot Ågesta
27 jan, hemma mot Mälarhöjden, kl 12

contacting 'the man'

I've just written an email to SVT, asking them to broadcast the old seasons of Ponnyakuten, or to make them available on SVTPlay. And I asked if they will be possible to buy as DVD's. I also added how great the show is, since it is both educational and inspirational for riders in ALL ages.

PLEASE say yes!

Pay enough taxes

Since I've only made 3000 SEK this year before starting to work, and since I will only get two pay checks before the end if the year, I contacted the tax office and had then adjust the tax I'll be paying so that I will get more money now instead of getting it in tax refunds.

And now their answer has come! I will only have to pay 6% taxes, which means that I will get 23500 SEK in November and December instead of 19500....! Yey!!!!!

Confusion an fear

Last night me and Mathis took a walk down to the stables to say hello to the new horses, ask about Ebba and to make sure that I really will be riding tomorrow despite the fact that it's a Holliday.

We could only find one of the new horses, Beamer. Wictor was nowhere to be found. Nor was an empty space where he would be able to call his own. So... Does this mean that another horse will have to go in order to make room for Wictor?

There was no one working in the stables I could ask, about anything. So I think I'll go down there today again, this time during the day.

Hey big spender

So, since it's only three weeks to go.... Time to make some plans!

As all the money I had this month has gone to Christmas presents.... What I planned to do for myself this month will have to wait until next... ^^

- Visit the hairdresser (booked for the 3d of December)
- Buy dr Hauscka facial products (price hunt completed)
- Brambleberry rose (need to do some serious stocking up since they are phased out, hope I'm not too late...!)
- Sports bra for riding (I still really really really hate the one who stole mine)
- Redken all soft treatment (
- Scratch Nails ridge filler (scraping the bottom of the old one)
- New blush brush (glue broke after 4 years ^^ gonna by another one of those I think. I <3 data-blogger-escaped-br="br" data-blogger-escaped-make="make" data-blogger-escaped-store="store" data-blogger-escaped-up="up"> - the rest of the Christmas presents! (And other presents... ^^)

Soon: DINK:ies

In three weeks I'll get my first pay check.

Then me and Mathias will be DINK:ies. Double Income No Kids.


I'm almost done with chrsitmas. Everything is decided, found, planned... Now I only have to wait 2 weeks before i order/buy everything so that Iäll be able to afford it ^^

It's only Anna left, I think I know what to give her but the details aren't clear because I'm waaay to tired now.

But it feels really great to be so well prepared and finish these things long before christmas. I have never, and I will never, be one of those who rushes and fights two days before christmas.

Penny ooops

I didn't cancel the next Penny Girl package in time.. So now I will soon recieve a package that I don't really want... for 200 SEK, Oh well, I can afford it ;)

But the next one.. the christmas one.. yey!

waiting. again.

4 stables contacted.


Anna has approved the loan at ICA banken, she thinks it looks great :) As do I, so.. yey!

I will talk this through with Mathias, and most likely apply at the end of november when the first payckech comes in!


Something has happended this last week. Suddenly I've found 6 stables which I'm actually interested in learning more about.

Time to send some emails!

But it's scary as hell and Im not sure why. So; I'll just do what I did while I was looking for jobs. Get off my ass and do it anyway! muhahahaha!

Looking into loans...

I want a horse NOW. I cant wait 6 months until I have saved enough to buy one cash. I don't want to use my savings to borrow money from my self.

I am looking inte several loans. And I've found one that is just too good to be true. And luckily for me, Anna works with loans and she's on the case and looking into this loan for me so that I can feel absolutely safe. :)

I want to borrow 50.000 SEK. 10.000 won't be a problem to get in three weeks from my first paycheck. Four weeks later, I will have another 10.000. And I'm planning of byuing a horse for about 60.000, so I can afford everything else aswell.

The loan I'm interested in is from ICA banken. If I borrow 50.000 on a 3-year plan, I will pay a toal of  55 728 SEK. Thats 1509 a month.Seriously, that's just too good to be true. Which is why Anna is looking into it all. :)

Stockholm Horse Show

Oh well. I've finally realized that I wont be able to go see this live, since practically all good tickets are gone. They started selling the tickets in february......... :(

Luckily, SVT will be broadcasting some of the show for me to see, according to this schedule.

AND; this February, I will have lots of money to buy tickets to next years show... I'm thinking VIP-ticket!

This year I will have to make due with a fair-ticket, so that I can reach all the shopping and exhibitions. (120 SEK, a baragin!) Marre, you in? :D

Another step...

Yesterday was the last day I took 40 mg fluoxetine. As of this morning, I'm down to 20 mg. The plan is to stay on this dose for another six months and then... Time for phase out.

Gosh I'm good...!