At the stables: "YEY Lutnia! Na na na... What? WHAT? Aaaaaah!"

When I got to the stables and checked out the list of horses for today's lesson I was overjoyed; I got Lutnia, my baby!!!

So I took care of her, cuddled, took it easy, got ready...
And then, 8 minutes before the lesson is about to start, a girl comes up to me.
"Are you Linnéa?"
"Who will ride Lutnia?"
"Yes :)"
"Um... I just spok to Linda.. And she's wondering if we could switch horses, so that you ride Ravell instead, and I'll take Lutnia, and Kezo will skip the lesson."
"Ok...but... Why can't you take Ravell?"
"He threw me of last time so in too afraid"
"Ok, I'll take him. He's ready, right?"
" He's out in the paddock"

Fuck! I think I set some kind of record, with the help of another girl we made it in time for the lesson!

And it went well, but god I'm still stressed out!


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