Exciting Monday

So there I was. Alongside 6 others. At the buss stop. Waiting for the 152 who was already late.

And then it came. And then it left. Driving straight past us. Not even in our lane.

We started running. Waving. Fiercely. The driver didn't turn her head an inch. We waved even more, desperate to get to work. All passengers in the bus saw us an looked like typical Swedish people not knowing what to do.

Finally one went to the driver and said, I imagine something like, there are people who want to get on this bus...

The driver looked. Saw. Hardly reacted. Drove through 2 lanes an stopped on the curb. The door opened.

She didn't say a word. She didn't even look at me when I cheerfully said "good morning!"

I hate drivers like her.


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