Hey big spender

So, since it's only three weeks to go.... Time to make some plans!

As all the money I had this month has gone to Christmas presents.... What I planned to do for myself this month will have to wait until next... ^^

- Visit the hairdresser (booked for the 3d of December)
- Buy dr Hauscka facial products (price hunt completed)
- Brambleberry rose (need to do some serious stocking up since they are phased out, hope I'm not too late...!)
- Sports bra for riding (I still really really really hate the one who stole mine)
- Redken all soft treatment (need.badly.now)
- Scratch Nails ridge filler (scraping the bottom of the old one)
- New blush brush (glue broke after 4 years ^^ gonna by another one of those I think. I <3 data-blogger-escaped-br="br" data-blogger-escaped-make="make" data-blogger-escaped-store="store" data-blogger-escaped-up="up"> - the rest of the Christmas presents! (And other presents... ^^)


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