Looking into loans...

I want a horse NOW. I cant wait 6 months until I have saved enough to buy one cash. I don't want to use my savings to borrow money from my self.

I am looking inte several loans. And I've found one that is just too good to be true. And luckily for me, Anna works with loans and she's on the case and looking into this loan for me so that I can feel absolutely safe. :)

I want to borrow 50.000 SEK. 10.000 won't be a problem to get in three weeks from my first paycheck. Four weeks later, I will have another 10.000. And I'm planning of byuing a horse for about 60.000, so I can afford everything else aswell.

The loan I'm interested in is from ICA banken. If I borrow 50.000 on a 3-year plan, I will pay a toal of  55 728 SEK. Thats 1509 a month.Seriously, that's just too good to be true. Which is why Anna is looking into it all. :)


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