Stockholm Horse Show

Oh well. I've finally realized that I wont be able to go see this live, since practically all good tickets are gone. They started selling the tickets in february......... :(

Luckily, SVT will be broadcasting some of the show for me to see, according to this schedule.

AND; this February, I will have lots of money to buy tickets to next years show... I'm thinking VIP-ticket!

This year I will have to make due with a fair-ticket, so that I can reach all the shopping and exhibitions. (120 SEK, a baragin!) Marre, you in? :D


  1. bortrest då ju :( åker 30 nov, hemma 9e december.

    På penny girl finns det tävling för biljetter. jag har deltagit, delta du också. du får mina biljetter om jag vinner :D


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