The opponent

Last Thursday, I got a disturbing task; I had until tomorrow, Monday, to write my opposition report on a bachelor thesis… Which would have been sufficient time if I hadn’t had the busiest weekend ever.

Me and my thesis partner Alex were two of veeeery few people who finished in time. Why? Because it is a shit load of work and people are lazy and pathetic. Anyway. All of those who did not finish booked up all oppositions instead, making it impossible for me and Alex to find a thesis to oppose. And so, we had to wait until this semester, when hopefully, some of the about 400 essays would be finished.

Well, 3 of them have finished. In November. Hence, I managed to get one opposition spot (there are two on each essay) just minutes after one was uploaded. (it’s absolutely war, give it 2 minutes and it’s taken) buuuut I only had 3 days to do it and a really busy schedule.

But, here I am, Sunday morning. 70% through. I will make it.

What makes me so angry I just spit though, is the quality of the thesis. It’s beyond critiquing. It’s just awful. And for me, who got published on a scientific conference, it’s just insulting that they should be allowed to leave it this way.


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