I have been an cripled girl for the past two days.
It started on Monday; waking up, my back felt a bit weird… 15 minutes later, I was lying down, screaming, unable to move an inch. Don’t ask me how, but I managed to get to work, where my collegues were very angry with me for not staying at home, but taking care of me so sweetly. (my boss even offered to unscrew a threshold so that they would be able to roll me around the office in my office chair <3.)

Yesterday I spent at home. I was supposed to work from home, but once again, my boss wouldnt hear of it but ordered me to take it easy. So I did; I fell asleep at lunch time and didn't wake up until 4 PM. This after sleeping 10 hours at night. Then I went to bed early as usual.

And I must say, all that rest has really done miracle work! I could actually reach the lower shelf in my wardrobe this morning! So; I'm going to my driving lesson at 7 AM and then I'm of to work!


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