Since I’ve decided that I will spend a maximum of 60.000 SEK when buying my new horse (only the horse, no tack or anything) I have made a financial plan.

In about two weeks, my next paycheck will come, 23.500 SEK. I will put away 15.000 of these directly, and live on the remaining 8500. (4000 towards all food and living expences, 4500 to ejoy life.) Out of these 15.000 5000 will be spent on the tacklist I made in a previous post of the basic things I’ll need straight away. 10.000 will be saved toward the purchase.

This means that I will take a maximum of 50.000 out of my savings for the rest of the price of the horse. And if I do not find a horse during January, 40.000 will be needed etc.
When the paycheck in January arrives, I will go back to my normal budget, where I will take 10.000 SEK a month towards the horse. (4000 will be rent, we know now.) As I will no longer have special tax deduction by this time, I will have a total of 19500 SEK, meaning that I will have 9500 SEK each month to spend on everything else. 4000 on food and living, and 5500 on having fun outside the stables, and to repay a bit towards my savings account.

This is doable


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