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Testing some more


Calculations succeeded

Countdown: 2 weeks

the 25th

passed the test-test

A new lead

Current standings

Sorrow and pain

I can’t sleep

Last day before I have a horse again

All cars

So near

The Hobbit

Going to the bank

What Valle will eat

My first diploma

The last day

The day all turned out fine

taking a break

getting closer


Pretty little liar


Winter once more.

New Pennygirl package

My baby

Todays’ shopping

working hard

So close I can almost taste it

the contract...

Making it final

Moving forward

My stable

I think I’m going to faint.

The board is set, the pieces are moving.

Let it be sung around the world,

Simple logic


Napa valley 1.2

Hon finns inte med på fotografiet

Yesterdays’ riding…

Back up leading to insight

Learning LC:1 + LC:2

@ jakobsberg

Ponnyakuten season 4


Dead tired

Answer from Högantorp

Napa Valley

Rearing and gearing

More certifications

so it begins

Sadness – and new hope