So close I can almost taste it

Yesterday’s contract signing went very well. It’s signed and everything is agrees upon.

Omg if I can get the inspection booked for this weekend Valle will be coming home to me in exactly one week, next Monday…!

I will call the clinic ASAP once I’ve reached the office an their phone hours have started and try to get the inspection booked for Saturday, Sunday or at the latest Monday.

I will then call my bank once more to try an reach my contact who will help me sell some stocks.

I will then call Åsa to let her know which date Valle and I will be arriving, as Yvonne is out of town.

I will then do some shopping as I now know all of Valles sizes.

Then, I will try to find a cheep bicycle being sold close to home which will take me to and from the bus for the first weeks until we’ll buy the car.

Oh my god I can’t relieve this is really happening!!!


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