Sad surprise

Alice has resigned. She will be here for one more month and then she’s gone. She has decided to follow her dream to work with children instead, and feels like this is her last chance as she is 33 years old. She doesn’t want to waste more time.

This is very sad for me, I like her very much. Also it’s a bit of a catastrophe because the company have spent muuuch resources to train her. And this leaves me and Tomas standing alone.

So now we will hire two new people instead of one. 50 people applied for the one position in just a few days so it will be quite easy to find someone I hope. I will get to conduct the interviews together with Tomas to make sure we find the right person.

We are looking for someone with education within IT and advertising/similar, knowledge of Magento and with MUCH ambition. Know someone to recommend?

God if things were hectic before…. I don’t even dare to think of how they will become, with one person gone and two new to train.


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