Show me the money!

During lunch today I finally went to the bank to get the money I planed to spend on Valle back into my account. As I was a bit ashamed that this was the second time I had to do this, I decided to go to another bank office than the one I normally use. So, off I went, the clock ticking.
Once I arrived at the bank I had to wait for 20 minutes as there were 3 people before me. Seriously, 3 persons = 20 minutes!? And the clock kept ticking. When I finally made it to the bank man he told me that the person who issued this cheque, whom he knew by the way, had made a mistake and therefor he couldn’t give me my money back. I had to go back to the office who issued the cheque.

So, there I was, with 15 minutes left of my lunch break, without any money.
I rushed in to Burger King and bought some lunch and then rushed back to the subway.

I was very disappointed and suddenly I found myself getting off the subway and strayed walking toward the normal bank office. There I ha to wait for a total of 5 seconds before getting help, and my money. Success.

Tonight we will go to the stable to pick up Valles stuff and return it to Hööks. Scary thing is; I don’t know where the receipt is… I want my money!


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