Stuck in the middle with you

I hate, haaaate, HATE the Swedish public transportation system and SJ, the company responsible for the train traffic.

I’m on my way to Borås. 20 minutes into the trip the train suffer a power outage. Seriously!? So we’re standing there. In the middle of the woods. In complete darkness.

And when we are finally on our way, we end up in a queue. Of trains. So we have to drive very slow.

The consequences? We are late late late and have missed our connecting train and will have to take THE BUSS to Borås from some god forsaken village called Herrljunga.

When we will arrive? Nobody knows.
All I know is that I’m supposed to hold 8 hours of lectures tomorrow and then 8 more on Thursday. And I need my fucking sleep.

I will not forget this, SL.


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