Day 4

My oh my I was so I'll yesterday that all I could do was to muck out the stall and fix the fodder. But it was actually gret because my baby was a bit tired from the riding on Tuesday.

It was terrible going out to the stable, I had to go by train and bus and I was so sick that I though I would die the whole way. Then the 20 min walk from the bus to the stable... Well lets just say it was hard.

When I arrived I had to take care of the stall. It a very funny thing, but everybody has their own way of mucking out and tend to think that their way is the best. So I've just had two days when two other persons (Mathias and sture) has mucked my stall... And it was the worst mess I've ever seen. I had to work so damn hard to get it clean and up to standard again (and my standards are high) that I got my fever back... But there is just no way I'm going to let my horse stand in a dirty stall.

I then turned to the fodder. It was done fairly quickly. I had just finished when mom and her friend turned up with the car full of stuff for me. It wa great, lots of things that I can, and will, definitely use!
I then took mom and Cia on a little tour of the stable and surroundings, and then to meet my baby. Mom is really in love with her which is a relief...

I then saw that no one had signed up to give lunch today. Or rather, someone had and then crossed their name of, so the horses wouldn't get any lunch unless I gave it to them. So, there I was, sooo sick, having to feed 20 horses out in the pasture, carrying a total out about 80 kilo of hay, a few bags at a time back and forth to the right pasture.

At least earned 50 SEK for this, so if this is the only feeding I do this month, lunches will only cost me 50 SEK this month ;)

Mom then drove me home and I collapsed on the couch. 5 minutes later Mathias came home. He was sick...........


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