Day 5

Sweet Mathias drove me out to the stable today and we decided to be very efficient so that we wouldn't have to strain ourselfs more than necessary.

I brought Vasara in from the pasture while Mathias got some stuff from the locker. I changed her blanked and put on the kapson.
Then I handed her over to Mathias who brought her to the paddock and started to warm her up. Meanwhile I went into the stable and mucked out the stall.

When I was finished I went to the paddock and lunged her for 20 minutes. It went extremely well, she was so attentive. She was also very calm an relaxed which was wonderful to see; she's really settling in.
When we were finished I once again handed her to Mathias so that he could cool her down while I went and prepared the fodder.
We then brought her into her stall and I groomed her and hugged her an kissed her a lot.


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