Do do do do, what you have to do

This has been my mantra the past few days.

On Sunday I decided to ride despite my illness, because I had no real choice. I have a horse to take care of. I almost fainted and Vasara was very upbeat after 6 days of insufficient training, but dammit, I gave her a great training.

Yesterday I worked from home and I can proudly say that I got soon much done, it worked so well. I don't think many persons can work efficiently from home, but I sure can. I think it's due to my mad discipline and experience from getting all those A's working from home at university.

Today I'm also working from home. And except for all that work, I've managed to close my penny girl membership and my Netflix and viaplay memberships. I have also called the healthcare line and asked for advice about my neck and shoulders, and following that advice, booked a visit to a physical rehab center for today (I'm on my way there now during my lunch break). I have also washed Åsa's blanket, and I will visit the bank to get her money for the saddle while I'm out now.
And I think I will buy Mathias birthday present today also.


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