saddle bought

I've told Åsa that I want to buy her saddle. Yey! It's so beautiful! You can tell just by looking at it that it's from an expensive brand and made with care and quality.
I gave it a good cleaning yesterday, together with the bridle and the halter. Normally I only have time to quickly put some leather conditioner on it, but this time I used my soap for 40 minutes! Will try to use the conditioner today.

My plans for the weekend is to totally clean out my tack cabinet and put some stuff I don't use on the loft.
I seriously can't believe how dirty everything has become!
I will also need to bring one of my blankets home to wash, as Vasara rolled in the mud wearing it ^^
It's hard for me to watch all the dirt and unorganized mess, as I am a bit of a cleaning-and-sorting-dictator.


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