Sunday 21th

Today has been a terrible day.

It started out with me having morning duty in the stables. Mathias was supposed to drive me, as he needed the car. Of course ha made me late as he's so.... Horrible in the morning.
When we arrived I rushed into the stable. (I changed clothes in the car as I had then home for washing yesterday). I took out Eragon, the 3 year old stallion. He's a motherfucker. To make a long story short, I was so stressed the I hadn't changed my shoes so I was wearing flats. And when the fucking stallion freaked out at the pasture gate, he dragged me into 30 cm wet mud. My flats got stuck BURIED in the mud, and I continued to walk 10 meters in my socks. And the day did not get better from there. To summarize a few thins; I burned my hand badly. Vasara got injured on her leg. I got the stomach flu. Etc.
I fucked the loose jumping, did dressage and then I went home and buried myself in the sofa. I'm still here, 8 hours later.


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