Tuesday 16th of April

I could feel that both me and Vasara needed some change of pace. We've been working hard in the paddock every day, so it was time for some forest-fun! So; we heade out and trotted on the paths, galloped on the open fields and just really enjoyed ourselves. I could tell Vasara was having a great time and she was quite energetic, but as always, incredibly sweet and trustworthy.

Unfortunately, the pouring rain had made every inch of the outdoors into mud. And trotting and galloping in this... Well you can imagine for yourself. So when we got back to the stable, I had to give Vasara a good shower. She loved it! I have learnt that if I do not use quite warm water on her, she dislikes in and starts dancing a bit. But if the water is nice and warm, she really enjoy herself.


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