Tuesday 1st of April

Darn you, stupid paddock!

Yesterday's planned training was jumping and cavalettis. I started out riding the trail around the meadow, trotting and galloping everywhere possible. This took about 20 minutes, a perfect warm up. Then we got back to the stable and headed down to the paddock. Disaster met us. I was the worst state I've ever seen it in, it actually was hard walking on it, forget doing anything more... So I had no choice but to leave directly. I tried out lunging paddock, but half of it was just as bad, making it impossible to ride there also. So all thoughts of training had to be discarded.

This sucks!
I realize now that it doesn't matter how much I like this stable, I will not be able to survive late autumn/winter/early spring without an indoor ménage. So unless there will be one built close by very soon, I will have to move.


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