Wednesday 10th of April

Wow. Wow wow wow!
I am happy beyond words. The lesson I rode for Åsa was AMAZING.
I don't even know how to describe it. It was magic. I learnt thing I didn't even know it was possible to learn.

Even Åsa was amazed at the end of the lesson, of how sensitive and responsive Vasara was to my helps and instructions. An believe me, so was I.

Åsa is a dressage instruktor who has just come home from a 2 week course in Portugal. He brought home with her emence new knowledge and I feel so privileged that I get to take part of this.

We focused solely on me during the lesson, my position, balance, points of pressure and sideways hip movement.
Vasara doesn't need any training, she knows her stuff. Actually, we four out that she REALLY knows her stuff. All I have to do is ask her in very small, almost invisible ways, and there is magic.

I can't believe how sensitive she is. I'm still a bit in chock.
At the end Åsa told me "that's a damn fine horse you've got there".
My other trainer was also in the paddock during my lesson, and she came to talk to me afterwards. She said that she had been really happy to see how much my riding had improved after just one hour, and that she could really see how much better Vasara was liking this new saddle.

God I'm happy!!!! And boy, do I have lots of great things to practice now, until next week! :D

For my own sake, here's the check list:
- red point
- lock it
- walk walk walk
- release forward
- birds in my hands
- release knee downwards
- calf!
- feed the bird in the middle
- shake that ass
- proud bitch
- deep breath to control speed
- open the inner door


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