Another week at its end

Boy oh boy time flies. Wasn’t it Monday yesterday? Suddenly we’re about to enjoy a weekend again. For me, this weekend will entail drivin, driving and driving. I will drive 3 hours on Saturday and 3 hours on Sunday. And after Sundays lesson we’ll decide wether I’m ready to take the drivers test or not. If not, we’ll drive another week and then do the test.
I’ve taken 50 lesson of 40 minutes. That’s 2000 minutes, 33 hours, of driving lessons.

I will also try to get as much rest as possible, and to do some PRINCE2 studying as I’ll be going to Copenhagen the week after next to (hopefully) get my certification. I really like PRINCE2, but it was veeeery unfortunate that the course had to be now, in February the month of death, as I am beyond swamped at work and with the driving lessons and trying to get a horse into the stable, and the trip to Borås.

We have decided to have a celebration at the office when February is over.


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