First film

I tried out my bullet camera yesterday. We had attached the helmet mount on Mathias riding helmet, as it is not meant to be removed. And so I wore his helmet while riding yesterday and filmed as much as the memory card could take. I was very excited to see the film when I got home, and so was Mathias. 
Unfortunately, my fear came true; you could only see Vasaras ears. It was only possible to place the helmet mount on one place on the helmet, where the surface was smooth. The rest was filled with air intakes and stuff. And this area was on top of the helmet, meaning that when we aimed it downwards, we were very limited by the helmet blocking the view.

So - change of plan. I will use the helmet to film from the fence (tried yesterday and it worked nicely) and to film when riding I will buy a chest harness.

Happy to report though that the quality was very nice!


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