Going for it

I'm really beginning to go for it together with Vasara. We have two trainings every week now, one in dressage and one in show jumping. I hope to be able to increase this to thee very soon, but it all depends on my economic situation. I am very fortunate, right now the trainings are only costing me 1500 a month since Karoline only charges me 50 SEK due to her lack of official instructor education.

We are ailing towards the fall season competitions, and I'm saving up towards a good jumping saddle.

I really love my horse and we are such a great match (which was one of the reasons I bought her, obviously!) and I really believe we can have lots of fun out on competitions. And to go there to do anything else but have fun, 2 trainings a week are needed!

I have my goal, I have the tools, and dammit, I will reach them!


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