Tuesday 7th of May

Me and Vasara was out adventuring yesterday. We did some climbing on the mountain, rode up to the highest peak where there is a picnic spot, investigated forest trails.... It was great. Then on our way home, on the fixed road, it happened. She stepped on a stone, a very sharp one, and it punctured her frog cleft and made a 6 cm crack between her heel bulbs.... Blood was pouring.
When we got home I investigated it and then called the vet. Luckily she lives on the farm next door so it takes about 5-10 minutes for her to get to the stable. She looked a at and basically said "this can start to mend tomorrow or you'll have problems for several month with medication, we can only wait and see". So we eased I carefully, she was sore, and bandaged her hoof.

Wednesday 8th of May

After worrying all day, I went out to the stable. The bandage was still there, which was very surprising, normally it's almost impossible to make hoof bandages sit longer than a few hours. She was limping a bit but not at all bad which felt really good to see. I walked her a bit in the paddock just so that she could move a bit and I could see her move.
Then I removed the bandage and checked the wound. I was really happy to see that it had healed quite a bit an the soreness was gone from the frog but still apparent on the heel bulbs. So I washed it again, drenched some compresses with Jodopax and put on the wound and put on a new bandage.


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