Like marre said; take that time

As an example of exactly how exhausted I am...

I'm on my way to the stable, straight from work. It's a tight schedule with all connections, and the final bus is one of those county side buses who goes very rarely. So, it's crucial to get on one of those when the leve.

I missed the train stop. I was so tired that I was just standing like a zombie in one of the cars and suddenly I see the bus terminal from the window. Behind us. Fuck. From that stop I have 9 minutes to go from the train to the bus stop.

So I had no choice but to follow the train to the next stop, obviously. That takes a few minutes. Then my plan was to rush across the platform and take the train in the other direction and go back on station. Well, good plan, hadn't it been for the fact that this particular stop has two separate platforms. And when I step out of my train, I can see the train back leaving from the other platform. I rushed to the exit at the end of my platform, down the stairs, cross the hall, up the other stairs and on to the right platform. The next train would go in 3 minutes. So I waited. And waited. The train was a bit late.... So I waited some more.
Finally the train arrived. Rolling really slowly towards the platform.... I jump on, and of we go. Really slowly. I could see my bus from the train, 600 meters away. This was bad news, it comes to the bus stop just before it's time to leave.

When we stop at the right station once more, I am ready at the doors like a race horse out of the gates.
The scen after the doors opened can only be described as a remake of the scene in Twilight: new moon, where Bella is running towards to clock tower in Italy.
I ran, shouted, jumped, pushed....

I came out to the bus terminal. I could see my bus, engine running... I ran.... And I made it. The nice bus driver had seen my despite attempt to go with him and waited. The same second I stepped on board he closed to doors and we left the bus stop.

How on earth did I manage to do this in 9 minutes!?!?!?

Maybe the correct title for this post should be. "THANK YOU TIME"


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