Monday 13 may - shitty shitty bang bang

My luggage is lost. Yep. I have nothing but the clothes on my back. And to top it of, all course material was in the bag also. I have to look great tomorrow and Wednesday as I'm representing the whole commercial IT department and meeting these colleagues for the first time. After panicking a while I called Tomas and asked what to do according to company policy. He told me that I am insured against this and gave me a number to call. So I called, and it turns out that I have the right to shop for 6000 SEK for clothes and hygiene products. And if my luggage is lost more than 24 hours, I get another 6000. Of course my spendings have to be reasonable and motivated in order to be valid, so I cannot go on a crazy shopping spree.
So once this was settled, the next problem occurred. I'm going to Epinal, on a veeery tight time schedule. There is no chance to shop anywhere but there due to this schedule, and Epinal is a very small city out in the French country side. What on earth will be open at half past six when the train arrives?
So I called Mathias, who works with a Frenchmen and gave them the task of finding a solution (if any) since I cannot access the Internet on this train. And they did solve it! There is a department store 250 meters from the hotel/train station which will be open until half past seven, which gives me about 40 minutes to shop.
God I will sleep tight tonight.


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