Sunday 12 May - Chock

On saturday evening I found out that our sailboat had been put up for sale. Mathias has forgotten to tell me... (Seriously....) then, yesterday, less than 24 hours later, I am informed that it has been sold.
Our sailboat is sold...!
This means that we will now be starting to look at new, bigger and better boats immediately.
The reason it was sold is because we want a bigger, more luxurious and comfortable boat. KittyK was bought in order to be able to both sail racing and vacationing, but of course this means that the boat is designed to be fast, not comfortable.
So, as Mathias is older and wiser ;) it is time for a change. We still want to be able to race with it but the focus should be comfort.
So exciting to see what we find! Hopefully well get it soon as we plan to sail for a week during our vacation. But dear god I will miss KittyK, I love that boat and I am famous for my attachment to things, which for me all has a soul.


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