I'm struggling a bit in this department. I work so very very hard everyday, working full time before going straight to the stable for 3-5 hours. That means that I'm away from home for 13-15 hours a day.

I love what I do. I really do, and I'm proud of having had the courage to go for it. But I really miss support from my friends and family.

My mom is just very weird; she started riding when she was 8 years old, and when she was 20 she was in England and having her own training stable for thoroughbreds. She worked harder than anyone can ever believe with her horses, working, and being a single mom, until he had enough of everything and have up horses about 10 years ago. For her it was all too much and to sum it up she did not treat me like a mother should. 
Now I can't even mention horses to her, especially not Vasara, before she gets... Weird. She has some kind of terrible anguish built up inside her against horses. So no support there. Which is a terrible shame since she knows such a great deal about horses and she could help me so much, and also get to be part of an amazing horse. I mean, obviously she loves horses more than anything.

Dad is not in my life.  But even if he was, it wouldn't make any difference.

My friends do not offer any support either. I think they are all too busy being jealous about me having a great job AND following my dreams with horses. Seriously; get of your ass, stop complaining and accept that everything isn't another persons fault. It isn't the teacher, it isn't the computer, it's YOU. So get over it and move on, and stop holding a grudge against me for being brave and actually doing something with my life.

Mathias is supporting to the best of his abilities, but he is limited both by his allergy and his interest.

This means that I have to struggle a bit extra with everything. And it's hard sometimes. Like now, when I'm suffering from baaad PMS and stress, making me unmotivated, tired and short-tempered. 


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