Thursday 2nd of May

Yesterday me and Vasara attended our first training in show jumping. We trained for Karoline Goldberg and it was so much fun!! She had both me and Vasara working hard by focusing on technical exercises.

We did 4 main exercises which we then combined into different courses.
1 - the circle. 3 cavalettis on the ground in a small circle. Working with inner rein and outer leg to position the horse correctly and remain in control on the outer side. We started walking with the outer rein hanging completely loose, inner rein 45 degrees out. Without the outer rein all I have is my outer leg to push with in order to keep the small circle.
Then in trot. Then standing 2 two steps sitting one.

When Vasara was calm and flexed in her sides we moved on to
2 - the cross. Jumping a cross on the short side of the paddock, alternating clockwise/country clockwise. This exercises had me using the outer leg pressing technique from the circle exercise.

3 - the combination. We had a combination with 5-6 strides between the obstacles. We started out by simply jumping it to get a feel for Vasaras strides, then we started to control the speed and the amount of strides between the obstacles.
After this we had to stop in between the two obstacles, which is straight away after landing from the first.

4. The oxer. There was one very small oxer, maybe 65 high and 40 wide, with cavalettis in front and after. This was the true challenge as Vasara is a jumping horse and this was the most fun obstacle on the course. Even if it was tiny and small and peanuts really, she was so happy to see it that I had to work very hard to remain in control. But we sure did it after two or three times!

After these exercises we combined all of this into two different courses. It went really good and it was great fun! I will ride my next jumping lesson next week, probably on Thursday.

Today is Vasaras resting day, which I think she really needs after yesterday, she was so tired when we were finished.


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