Viva la France

So the training is done, and I'm on my way home. I'm very tired because I haven't been able to sleep well at all, on none of the three nights.
Once I finally arrived in Epinal I ran down to the department store claude had told me about. On my way there, I ran past a shoe store where I skidded to a stop and picked up a nice pair of stilettos. Then I ran some more and came across a beauty store where I bought some biotherm products before I ran the last meters and arrived at monoprix. It was NOT like Åhléns like Claude has said, this was horrible. It was like a mixture of what the Swedish store Lindex was a few years ago and a corner shop. Panicked, I began digging thought the limited clothes area and managed to find a dress, the only decent thin in the whole store, a pack of panties, sweat pants, a tee, toothbrush and toothpaste. I rushed out of the store, trying to go back to the beauty store to get some make up, but they had closed. And so had the rest of town. So, back to monoprix which was open another 30 minutes. I got some make up and then I started to go back to the train station where my hotel would be. My hands were sore after carrying my crazy heavy work computer and handbag and shopping. When I finally arrived at the hotel I was more than spent. Traveling 22 hours and then shopping in panic was a bit much. I ordered some food up to my room, and collapsed.

Tuesday was the first day of the training. I slept lousily and I don't know why. I met my favorite colleague Thomas for breakfast and entertained him with my crazy past day. Then we were picked up by Alain who drove us to the office where I got settled and waited for my participants. The day passed very quickly and successfully. I really enjoy meeting colleagues in other countries and it's so much fun holding this training. In the evening me and Thomas headed down town again (400 meters from the hotel) and I started to look for some clothes to wear on Wednesday. It was even harder today. All shops were really strange Asian shops or for old ladies. No high end brand anywhere (I was told they were all found outside of the cite center) and I had a really rough job finding a suitable outfit. Seriously, try meeting hot French colleagues for the first time, representing the whole commercial it department, and not having your luggage..... But I managed to find an ok outfit. I bought a pair of jeans, a top and a blazer. Then we headed to the main square and had a lovely dinner with a bottle of wine in the setting sun. It was magic. When we got back to the hotel Thomas gave me a bottle of wine (internal joke) and then we both crashed; it turned out he hadn't slept at all either.

On Wednesday morning I had to eat breakfast alone as Thomas had headed back to Denmark at five in the morning. Once again I didnt sleep well, and once again I was picked up and given a lift to the office, where I conducted the second day of the course and the exam. It was very fun but due to my lack of sleep I was a bit relieved when it was all finished.
I spent the evening down town, taking some pics and buying some more clothes to go home in. I also had to buy a new bag of course in order to get everything home with me.
Then I ate some dinner at the hotel restaurant and go to be early.
However, I spent a few hours twisting and turning an was one more unable to sleep.

So, I'm now sitting at the Luxembourg airport waiting for the plane which will take me to Zürich. I'm dead tired and can't wait to come home. I miss Mathias and Vasara like crazy! And my bed.....


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