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Me and Mathias are heading out to sail for four days. It will be very nice to get away and be with Mathias!

Girls night in

Mathias is off playing poker tonight, so I'm enjoying a girls night and some alone time with a tea party and season 1 of pretty little liars.

In love

Today me and Mathias went into the central of Stockholm. After a tour around the old town we went to Åhléns city to do some shopping, and I was THIS HAPPY!!!!!!! to see that the Michael Kors trenchcoat I've been mourning not getting in January was back in an updated model. So I bought it!!!

I'm so in love with it, I've been thinking about this coat ever since January and now it's mine. It's like it was made especially for me.  God damn Michael Kors is a great designer, I think he might be my favorite.
I couldn't find mine in a pic, but it's very much like this one.
Michael Kors trenchcoat, 3299 SEK.


Today me and Mathias went to Nyköping. We took an unguided tour of the town and it was so nice and cozy :)

Road trip

Me and Mathias are going to Nyköping tomorrow. Just for fun, a day in a new place. We're bringing picnic blankets, books and magazines and our wallets and appetite for good food and maybe some shopping.

Full day

Today has been a great day. I've been with the person I love most in the world, Mathias, all day.
Today was his first day of vacation, and after taking it easy until lunch, we started our day. We went grocery shopping, having some cake and coffee, washed the car at a special car wash, went to the stable, shopped a bit at Bromma Blocks, recycled.....
It's been so great just being together. We get to see so little of each other during the weekdays due to us both working and me having Vasara, so two full weeks of being together will be perfection.


Vasara walked 40 minuter in the walking machine today, all by her self.This was the fourth time in her life she was asked to walk in it, and she did so well! The only thing that's still scary is when the machine changes direction.
I'm so proud!

finished moving

Phew!! I just finished moving all of my old posts back ino this blog, dating them all back to the rigt date and proving that I'm not a robot.... for 436 posts.

Hööks fall catalogue

I just heard a THUD in the hallway, and my instinct told my that it could be only two things; the fall catalogue for H&M or Hööks. I hopes for Hööks, and my wishes came true!

There are lots of great new stuff this season, a few of my favorites below....

JH collection 649 SEK
JH collection 479 SEK
JH collection 1659 SEK

Visiting mom

I spent Tuesday and Wednesday with my mom at her summer house in Värmdö. It was great to just get away for a while.

We relaxed and ate lots of good food (including her famous english roast).

Bergianska trädgården

Last week me and mom went to Bergianska trädgården. I love being there, it makes me calm.




First three days of my vacation has been spent in the sofa, playing wii. Except for being in the stable of course, this is all I've done and it has felt great.


Me and Bella spent two days mucking out the two paddocks we're using, one per day. It was hard work but it feels great now that's it's done. We'll try to do it once a week from now on.

Sad and worried

Vasara is limping. I found out when lunging her. It's only when she's on a bent track, absolutely nothing on a straight. 
We're going to a clinic in three weeks to make a complete check of her back and legs. There's something really strange pin on.
Util then we'll continue to walk one hour a day.


...Is to give up the hope that the past could have been different.

Two arms - two bandaids

I was the bravest of the brave today.The moment I had left the office I went to a clinic to get my second tick vaccine. There was a line, and a family ahead of me. The daughter was terrified and when she went into the boot like room which hasn't even got a door, she was screaming like a maniac. It took the nurse five minutes to give the girl her shot, and she screamed like she was being tortured the whole time. She yelled that it was so painful, please stop, please let go, etc. Being quite nervous about getting shots myself, this made me dizzy and sweaty like hell. 
But I went in and got the vaccine. So now I'm protected, and will get the third shot in a few months.
But I did not stop there. I decided, right there and then, to get the first Gardasil shot! I have heard horror stories about how painful it is, but I took it any way. I'm so good!
Problem is; had I been brave a month ago when I got the first tick vaccine I could have gotten two Gardasil shots for free. Now I will tu…


Must....have...1600 SEK.... Hööks....

Free Friday

Today I'm not going to the stables. Helen will take care of Vasara, and I'm already missing her. What will I do with the free time? I don't know... Maybe play some computer games?

Final day!

On my way to the final day of work before my vacation. Wow; 4 weeks of being paid for doing nothing.

Countdown: 1 day

Tomorrow is my last day of work before vacation!! 4 glorious weeks of doing absolutely nothing connected to the office.I'll hang in the stable with Vasara, spend as much time as I can with Mathias. We'll go to Gotland, make some day trips and just enjoy being together. Maybe do some sailing. 
Dear god I have earned my vacation.


We're walking almost 5 kilometers ever day, I massage Vasaras back ever day and once a week she gets a massage from a real massager. Her back is getting better and it's great to see. This weekend I'll start lunging her on a chambon to stretch her back and to start building some new muscles before we start to try out a new saddle.

Lunch with friends

I'm on my way to Liljeholmen to have lunch with Anna and maybe Christoffer. Nice!!


Today was an early day at Rörby where a  saddle fitter for the JES saddles came to give and final fit two saddles for two girls from my stable. As my trainer is an ambassador for the brand, she invited me to come also and have a chat and to see if these saddles could be something for me and Vasara.

What's so special about these saddles is that they are completely changeable. This means that it's not needed to buy new saddles as the horse changes, you only adjust the one you have. They are quite expensive though, 34 000 - 44 000 SEK, and as I need both a dressage and jumping saddle there's no way of getting both for a loooong time. So I'm also looking into the WOW saddles which allows you to have one 'skeleton' and then switch the top between dressage and jumping. 
The JES saddles are handed out with one months trial period, which is great, and you are allowed to pay them off for a year. But still, it's double the expense compared to a new okay saddle. BUT t…


Vasara got her second massage treatment yesterday. She was much more relaxed this time round, as she new what it was all about.

Her back is getting better, such a relieve!


My dear, sweet Marre whom I haven't seen for ages joined me in the stables yesterday.As I had to serve lunch to the horses as well as brining them in for the evening, we had five hours to spend. So we took our time, sitting down at the cafe and eating buns and pie, and caring for all the leather. It was so great to see her!
Also good news is that Vasaras back is getting better and better.

The big news

So; the thing I couldn't write about last week.... I've been promoted. I will now be the boss of our new employee, which not only means a great step forward in my career, but also a 5000 SEK pay raise.

Saturday in Trosa

Visiting Mathias parents in their new summer home.

We found a foal close by, soo cute!

Walking in the heat



I haven't been blogging for a week since I've been feeling terrible, both physically and mentally.

I've worked too hard for two long, making me spending the past months shouting, crying, anguished and exhausted. And now it has gone too far, I'm at the absolute breaking point. My colleagues sent me home Tuesday at lunch, recognizing the seriousness of the situation after I broke down outside the office, after crying in a restaurant for an hour. 
I'm burnt out.
On top of this, Vasara is having issues with her back. We think it's due to the saddle, since I've really built up her muscles since I bought I two months ago, so it's time to change again.  Her spine has lifted at her loin, due to pressure from the saddle. She got a two hour massage on Wednesday and got a few exercises to do with her every day, and of course she's not to be ridden but I'm walking with her an hour every day. It's getting better, the spine was lower today and the heat wa…


Yesterday was a day of rest for both me and Vasara. Me and Mathias went to Hööks and bought four sacks of pellets, and a martingale.

Then we went to the boat and dropped of some stuff, before going to the stable where I met Helene! She was there to take care of Hector. She seems great, like everyone says, and we decided to talk more tonight in the stable.

From dressage to jumping

When I got to the stable yesterday I found out that my trainer had to cancel our dressage training. So instead, I decided to do some jumping!
It went extremely well in the beginning, all the dressage has really made a difference, but after a while it all got to much fun and Vasara became a race car who could hardly lift her legs quick enough :) I will buy a martingale today.

In chock

I just got some really, really, reeeeally big news. I can't even write about it, I'm in chock, I'm scared and excited at the same time.Can this be true?

Fluffy visit

Ella came and helped us at work today

4 months mark

Today I've had my sweet Vasara for 4 months! I don't know where time went, it's flown by fast. And I've loved every second of it.

I'm so happy that I dared to follow my dream, despite the high financiall costs, the time consumption and having a full time job at the same time.

I'm so proud of myself and Vasara for training so hard and making such progress, for going towards our goals.

I'm so glad that I'm doing something with my life, not just waiting for time to pass. And what compainoins I've found; Mathias and vasara. i could'nt have asked for anything more. Of course nothing has come for free, but I can say that all hard work has been worth it.

Think about it

We protect that which is ours. We cling to our groups of friends, not inviting new persons in fear of them being better liked than our selves. So is mankind.
I really hate this. And I don't understand it. I always ask around if my friends want to join me and my other friends I we are doing something fun. It's true; the more the merrier. And once you're and adult it's also a great way of managing to see more than a few friends, as time is fleeting.

Dressage training for Åsa tonight