Wednesday 17th of April

We did some jumping yesterday, and as always it was great fun! Since I've been riding Vasara for a few weeks now, I have gotten to know her strides a bit better which is very useful haha ;)
I jumped a low 40 cm obstacle just to train on controling the strides and jump off. Then we finished of by jumping a 70 cm obstacle but that wasn't too easy in a dressage saddle... And since I was to lazy to shorten the stirrups we only jumped it once. I REALLY WANT TO JUMP SOME REAL OBSTACLES, like 1 meter. God I want my jumping saddle noooow! I think I will borrow Karolines this weekend and go for it!

The dressage is coming along better and better every day. I'm so happy :) I will call also now to ask her to give me a lesson this weekend.


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