Perfect Saturday

This Saturday me, mom and Mathias went to Kolmården. We were invited by the bank who treated us to everything, and it was absolutely perfect!

When we arrived (everyone went by the banks buss, except for me and Mathias who took the car as I had to bring to horses in from the pasture in the evening) we were greeted by a big bank tent where we were given a soft toy dolphin, tickets, lunch voucher, ice cream vouchers and tickets to the reserved section of the dolphin show.

Then we were free to do our own strolling until 1 when the dolphin show should start. I took the lead and we saw lots of animals, had lunch at the African buffet, saw some more animals and then headed to the dolphins to see their show.

And WOW, I'm still stunned, the show was absolutely AMAZING! I will recommend it to everyone. Just amazing. Both me and Mathias had tears in our eyes.

After the show we went to the "safari ski lift tour" where we saw even more animals from a different perspective.
Then we headed home.

All day I was skipping around like a kid, so very happy and in love with all animals. Pics will come later!

Thanks so much Danske Bank! See you this Christmas at the annual concert in the blue hall.


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