2013, I salute you!

And thus yet another year has passed. An what a year it has been, filled so many turbulating changes and personal struggle and success.
Overall it has been a year filled with extremely hard work, both at work and with Vasara. It's hard to say if it's been an overall good or bad year.

When the year began in January, the year I left behind me had been a good one, and I had just started to seriously search for the right horse to buy. I was nervous, anxious, scared - and ready for it. I had prepared as much as I could, and was eager to start my horse life. I had worked at Kwintet for 3 months and was beginning to get into the job for real, and felt like I was at the right place. Also, I was practicing for my drivers license.

February came, and with it, great sadness and great joy. The horse I wanted to buy, Valle, didnt pass the inspection and I felt shattered. But then, I found Vasara. I looked into her eyes, and I fell in love straight away. When I rode her, it just clicked. I paied the reservation fee on the spot, and after signing the papers, I cried  for 30 minutes because it was all so overwhelming, despite all the preparations. I then had to wait for what seemed forever until I could drive her home. Meanwhile, I took a trip to Denmark and passed my PRINCE2 certification.

March finally came. I got to bring Vasara home! March 2nd we drove down to Jönköping. I had been longing so much it actually hurt. The feeling when I loaded her into the trailer and we drove her to her new home is hard to explain. But already then, I loved her with all my heart. And thus began my horse life, and my life changed completely.

Me and Mathias also went to Vienna, to visit the Spannish riding school. It was my christmas gift from Mathias. The trip was amazing and Vienna really is a beautiful city.

Another success followed very soon, as I on the 19th passed my drivers test, on the first try. I had been a hard time, leaving home at 6 AM to go the the driving lesson, then straght to work and work until 5 without a lunch break, before getting on the bus and then walk 30 minutes to the stale in the snowstorm, before doing all the stable chores and coming home at 10 - 10:30 PM. Now I was able to drive to the stable, instead of taking the bus and walking in the pitch dark and snow storms.

April. Spent at the stables, forming a team with vasara. I was starting to get into my new life. This was also the month when Kwintet took me onboard, after 6 months as a consultant. I was so happy about this! I also worked for a few days in our German office in Osnabrück.

May. Spring had finally defeted the snow and ice and it was possible to start riding seriously in the paddock. Our dressage training went very well and I was so happy!

Mathias turned 26 and we spent our 2 year anniversary, which marked the best two years of my life. I also worked for a few days in our office in Epinal, France.

June was the month of traveling, as I went to work both in Oslo and Odense. Summer was beginning to arrive and me and Vasara was continuing to move forward in our dressage training.

July was the start of the worst period of the year, filled with worry and pain; Vasara was mysteriously injured in her back, probably due to her saddle. She also started limping badly. I had to stop riding and starting to walk with her one hour by hand everyday and pray to god it would be okay again.
This was also the month when I was starting to get sick from working to hard, I got burnt out and had to stay home for 2 weeks after collapsing at work several times.

August. As Vasaras injury did not get better, we had to go to the clinic. She was to eat medicine and keep walking for 4 weeks until our follow-up appointment. This month was just a painful prolonging of July.
This was the month I took my summer vacation, 4 weeks free from work, and me and Mathias went to Gotland and also spent a few days sailing on our boat.

September came, and with it my 26th birthday which was spent at our friends wedding. It was also time for the follow-up appiontment at the clinic, and I got an OK to start riding again, slowly to see where it would go.

October made it impossible for me to keep riding, as the conditions of my stable were too bad; the paddock was useless, no riding hall and only one road outside with was filled with blasted rocks. I decided to move, and started to look for another stable. I was very happy when I got a stall at Berga, a stable 10 minutes farther away than Lunda, which had everything I was looking for in a stable.

Me, mom and Mathias also went to Iceland, a very nice trip.

November was spent basically just waiting for the move to Berga. I was a cold, dark, sad and hard time which was really wasted.
It was not only the horse-related things that were bad, I also had to go to the emergency room twice, once for loosing my sight on one eye, and once for having 35,6 degrees body temp and having such a migrane I  thought I would die. Turns out both were related to stress; I was over worked. Again. I made a plan for how to change my attitude towards my work. And to cheer me up, me and Sophie went to Stockholm horse show which was great.

December Vet time again, as Vasara got her limping back. I only had time to ride her for 1 week before it happened. Luckliy it passed after 10 days and I could start riding again, with a strict plan for how to get her going.
Mom turned 65, and I celebrated my first month at Berga.


Good point this year:
Bought Vasara
Hired at kwintet
Drivers license

Bad points this year:
Burnt out at work
Vasaras injuries

= Overall a hard year. 


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