5 massages in 10 days

I have now completed my little project "spend all your welfare money before they expire at new year!'

I suddenly remembered that I have 2500 SEK to spend before the end of the year, when they would be lost and I would get new money. Such a waste, especially since I have so much trouble with my back and neck. So, what else to do than to book 5 massages in the 10 remaining days before the Christmas vacation? :)

I went to a clinic just 5 minutes from work, that serial people hav recommended. But this was not some kind of relaxation massage, oh no, I was there to make a change. So these five times I've been screaming, crying, whimpering etc as the incredible pain was overwhelming, but it has been worth it by far.

So now I think I will start going once a month, and not wait until I'm having problems walking...


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