And the vet came with the best gift of all

The vet called, she was already at Berga when I left work, so I would never be able to make it out, luckily, she offered to lunge Vasara herself and said she'd call me when she was done, which I more than gladly accepted.

Then 20 minutes of very nervous waiting followed. When I lunged Vasara yesterday she looked fine to me, but then a vet always sees more. But then she called me back and said that the limping was gone and that I'm allowed to start riding gently again!!!!!! Yey!!!!

She is still a bit stiff, so I will start by just walking for two weeks, then one week with 5 minutes of trotting a day, then 10 minutes a day the week after that, and then 15 the day after that. If that works, I'm allowed to start cantering.

Yesterday I said to my mom that the only wish I have for Christmas is a healthy horse, and it seems like my wish came true.


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