Gift time

Today I got to hand out some early Christmas gifts, to my mom and to Tomas.

I have already given Marre her gift two weeks ago, she will get to see 4 plays of her choice at the Gothenburg city theatre.

But today was mom and Tomas turn. Tomas got a poster with photographs from the skate park he has built, quite an awesome place called Highvalley skate park. I got hold of a photographer who had lots of pics taken this summer and he kindly gave them to me for free. SHOU OUT to you Danne, Tomas was so happy!

My mom got 4 gifts: 1 jar of home made hard candy, 1 box of home made chocolate truffles, 1 calendar and iPhone5 case, both of which I've designed myself and then ordered. They both stared our cat, Nalle, and she was so moved that her eyes teared.

I also got to open some gifts, Tomas gave me a gift card for the cinema (I just spent the one he gave me last year on the hobbit, so maybe I'll save this one for the next hobbit? :)) and my mom gave me a 90 day public transportation card, that will save me a lot of money. Thanks a lot to both of you!!


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