The dentist

Both me and Vasara have now been to dentist, and we both have impeccable teeth.

For me, it was the first time at this new dentist (private, I would never go to the community dentist) and it was a very painful experience but wit a good result. I usually spend 15 minutes, but this time it was one hour! I think she was more accurate than my old dentist, and the clinic was really modern.
So after lots of examinations and work, and pain, the verdict was: I have really good teeth.

I felt really bad for Vasara, as they always need to be subdued, and their mouths opened with a big metal contraption, but she was so very very good and her teeth was also really good, which was great to hear. I also got to look into her mouth, and man that's a lot of teeth 50 centimeters into her skull!
I had her head supported on my shoulder  during the procedures, which was very heavy but also cozy.


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